Friends Zone Academic was established in 2021. It was built according to Saudi educational specifications and requirements. It is safety approved with a fire alarm system and fire extinguishers placed throughout the building and fire drills given monthly. Central airconditioners that are temperature controlled to fit the children’s well being state of the art security cameras set in every room for observation and surveillance. Intercoms in the building helps in communication and to stay connected in other room. Classrooms are centered to each level of learning Little Steps 1, 2 and 3. Each room is accommodated with tables, chairs , Shelves for each Childs personal be longings, A white board and TV for educational programs that have been viewed and checked for teaching purposes only. A projector room for smart board digital teaching.  

The Facility has placed to fit every activity has places to fit every activity to enhance your Childs physical education as in gyms, playgrounds, soccer fields and a well-set cinema area for special uses and entertainment. 


We welcome you with wide open arms 

Play, Learn and Grow