Gymnastics provides a great opportunity for children to try a new sport, make friends and have fun, all in the safe hands of our qualified trainers at Friends Zone Academy. We provide a wide range of gymnastics courses for all ages and abilities. Foundation and novice gymnastics is for children of school age. Trainers will teach children the fundamentals of gymnastics including skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels. Intermediate and advanced gymnastics is for children who have progressed on from the core level’s and focus’ on skill development and progression, with harder skills being introduced such as handstand, forward rolls,  front and back walkovers as well as flic’ and somersaults.


At Friends Zone we provide lessons that are   beautiful, developmentally appropriate for beginners. Our ballet program teaches the basic concepts of classical ballet, movement, music, appreciation, rhythm and poise. Our program teaches important ballet basics as well as encouraging imagination and creative movement. Lessons include gentle introductions to ballet feet and arm positions, as well as center and cross floor exercises.


At Friends Zone Academy children ages 3-12 and adults will learn how to swim with lessons for beginners who will learn basic swimming concepts along with complex movements. Advance classes include swimming techniques, breathing exercise and speed. The steps taught at Friends Zone are a combination of teachings and fun activities. Trainers are qualified in swimming instruction for adults and children. Special attention is payed to safety and cleanliness of our facilities at all times.  


At Friends Zone Academy

We offer children ages 5 to 12 a Taekwondo program that is designed to improve your child’s self-esteem while our class structure teaches discipline and focus. Martial art classes teaches positive manners and confidence, at the same time, our program teaches lifetime self-defense skills. Most important it’s fun. We have a wonderful staff of patient instructors who love to work with children. We enforce good rules of behavior in class while teaching the rules and techniques of taekwondo.


Come experience Friends Zone’s inspirational environment, where beginners are introduced to the joy of soccer, and the elite player will discover the tools to become an advanced player of the game. Students learn the skill of goal keeping, kicking, running and defense. All while having fun building team friendships.



 At Friends Zone “Basketball Camp” will provide boys and girls with a structured basketball learning experience that encourages team participation and personal development. The camp focuses on improving students skills while emphasizing offense, defense, shooting and game fundamentals. Trained instructors will provide students the tools to enhance their playing.



At Friends Zone Academy, Koran classes focus on children’s Islamic learning and about carefully nurturing them into righteous, upright and responsible Muslims.

Through basic teaching of Quran, Tajweed, Arabic and Hifz using interactive class room learning principles that are taught by qualified teachers.

Our aim is  to provide our children with activities and entertainment whilst nourishing their Islamic knowledge in a fun environment.







Friends Zone Academy Painting Lessons

Young Artists Become Masters by learning independently and grow while working in a warm, nurturing environment at Friends Zone. Students will use materials and techniques ranging from clay, drawing, Painting, watercolors, collage, puppets, sculpture, wood, and paper Mache.

We Offer a variety of ways to learn to use art and the basic principles techniques.