About us

Our Early School program is offered five days per week, with a choice of full – or part-time hours for the Day Care Program. We offer a supportive, yet challenging environment where dedicated teachers begin to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Academic and life skills are taught through thematic units as our young learners work in a variety ways. Students gain strong language and math skills through Arabic and English instruction. The individual needs of each child are recognized and his / her special talents or learning styles are cultivated and celebrated. Our Students are taught basic art, languages, cooking and physical skills. Field trips are related to the curriculum to ensure the learning takes place outside the school. Parental involvement is encouraged with parent events, meetings and parent feedback. A richly integrated, literacy program guides children to reading and writing. This lays a solid foundation for learning and a love for reading. Hands-on math and science instruction encourages students to manipulate materials and prepare them to comprehend concepts. French lessons are taught to explore different languages and cultures. Classrooms are set up with resources to ensure multi-sensory methods.

A special needs classroom and special education curriculum has been developed to meet each child’s individual learning styles.

Physical education is provided to promote students physical skills within several play venues. Friends Zone Academy (Day Care / Nursery) Program, the infant environment is filled with soft toys and interesting items to hold, shake and analyze. The caregivers of Nursery and Daycare will work with each child’s  at their own pace developing language, physical, self-help and the management skills.  Cameras have been installed in all areas of the school and supervision of all classrooms is a daily routine.

Play, Learn and Grow